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Date: 2014sep29
Product: Adobe Premier CS6

Q.  What do the Adobe Premier tools do?


[<-] = selection = move clips, drag a clip so its longer (->) = track selection = select everything in a track, eg video track 1 (and its audio) <-|-> = ripple edit = resize one clip and everything else fills the gap <=|=> = rolling edit = resize on clip but preserve move length <~|~> = rate stretch = drag a clip so its longer or shorter [\] = razor = cut a track into two |<->| = slip = click on a track to change the in/out points by dragging (does not change length of movie or clip) <[]> = slide = change the place of a clip ./ = pen = add a key frame W = hand = scroll horizontally on the timeline O. = magnifying glass = zoom in or out on timeline

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