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Date: 2016aug25
OS: Android
Keywords: dotfile, dotfiles, hide, hidden, .nomedia

Q.  How can I delete a file that begins with a dot?

A.  By convention in Unix/Linux that begin with a dot a now shown (hidden).
So since you can't see them its hard to delete them.
The solution is to avoid graphical tools.

1.  Connect the Android device to your computer with a USB cable.

2.  Get into the adb shell.
One way that works on Windows is:

- Start the Windows command shell and enter:

cd c:\Android_sdk\platform-tools adb shell
Where c:\Android_sdk is the location of your Android SDK. 3. Use Linux commands in the adb shell
cd /mnt/sdcard ls -la
Use "cd" to change to whatever director you want. Use the "a" option of ls to see dot files. 4. Delete your file/folder
rm .my_dot_file
Now you know the name of the file you can delete it.

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