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Date: 2015oct2
Product: boinc
Keywords: SETI, SETI@Home

Q.  How can I see what's going on with my BOINC project(s)?

A.  In a GUI you can use "boincmgr".

On the command line do:

boinccmd -?
To see the allowed options. The --get_* options show status and info. They are:
boinccmd --get_cc_status show complete client status boinccmd --get_daily_xfer_history show network traffic history boinccmd --get_disk_usage show disk usage boinccmd --get_file_transfers show file transfers boinccmd --get_host_info show info about this computer boinccmd --get_message_count show largest message seqno boinccmd --get_messages [ seqno ] show messages > seqno boinccmd --get_notices [ seqno ] show notices > seqno boinccmd --get_project_config URL boinccmd --get_project_status show status of all attached projects boinccmd --get_proxy_settings boinccmd --get_simple_gui_info show status of projects and active tasks boinccmd --get_state show entire state boinccmd --get_tasks show tasks boinccmd --get_old_tasks show reported tasks from last 24 hours
The config files and logs are kept in ~boinc

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