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Date: 2012aug23
Product: Denon AVR-1912

Q.  Any AVR-1912 tips?

A.  If the device is in standby and you want to listen to the radio
you don't have to press [ON] then [TUNER].  Just pressing [TUNER]
will do it.

Many TVs will turn themselves off if there is no input for a while.
So there may be no need to press [STANDBY] on the AVR-1912 and then turn your TV off when you are finished using it.
Just turn the AVR to [STANDBY] and let the TV timeout.

If you have a media server (like a Boxee Box) connect it to the V.AUX
HDMI input.
But that name isn't very user friendly so you rename it.
Press the [MENU] key > Input Setup > Rename.

If you connect the device to your home LAN you can control it with
your phone or tablet.  Here's an Android app that works for me: