Computer Tips - LXC on Fedora 31

Date: 2020jan1
Keywords: Linux Containers

Q.  LXC on Fedora 31

A.  I used these instructions
And it didn't work.

I made three changes.

1. Running `lxc-checkconfig` gave me this error:

Cgroup namesspace: required
I read that Fedora 31 uses Cgroups 2 by default which LXC (and Docker) aren't ready for. Downgrading to Cgroups 1 with
dnf install -y grubby grubby --update-kernel=ALL --args="systemd.unified_cgroup_hierarchy=0" reboot
got rid of that error. 2. The `lxc-create` command didn't work so I switched it to
lxc-create -n ct1 -t download
where ct1 is the name of your container. And was able to create a container ;) 3. In the shell I got with the `lxc-attach` command it was unable to find any commands. This works better
lxc-attach --clear-env -n ct1
There is also `lxc-console ct1` but you need to know the userid/password of a user. 4. This isn't a correction, but I found the way to delete a container is
lxc-stop -n ct1 lxc-destroy -n ct1