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Date: 2014may23
OS: FreeBSD 10

Q.  How can I get a nice graphical desktop environment for FreeBSD 10?
(The docs I found out there say to use gnome2 which does seem to exist in the
packages) Including a graphical login.

A.  Gnome has been replaced with Mate.
This worked for me...

Do this as root:

pkg install mate slim xorg
mate = the replacement for gnome slim = the login manager xorg = X Windows Its also useful to install these packages which have commonly used programs. But I suggest installing it later since its big:
pkg install gnome2-fifth-toe firefox
gnome2-fifth-toe = commonly used desktop programs firefox = web browser Modify /etc/rc.conf:
dbus_enable="YES" hald_enable="YES" avahi_daemon_enable="YES" avahi_dnsconfd_enable="YES" slim_enable="YES"
Modify ~/.xinitrc for the non-root users:
exec mate-session
Add /proc to /etc/fstab:
proc /proc procfs rw 0 0
Finally, restart:
After some text you should see the slim graphical login screen. With slim, you can enter username "halt" and the root password to shutdown cleanly. I tried the gdm login manager but after login it displayed a wristwatch icon for the pointer. And I could not move windows.

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