Computer Tips - Is there any Linux stuff you recommend not using?

Date: 2007nov3
Updated: 2017oct28
OS: Linux

Q. Is there any Linux stuff you recommend not using?

A.  Yes, here a partial list.

Obsolete	Replacement	Comment
--------	-----------	-------

compress	gzip		gzip compresses more
gzip		bzip2		bzip2 does a better job for large files
bzip2		xz			xz is better than bzip2 for large files
sendmail	postfix		sendmail's config file is nuts
telnet		ssh		telnet isn't safe
perl		php		perl is great but php is better for websites
K&R C		ANSI C		ANSI has function prototypes
cc		gcc		The GNU C computer is nicer
courier popd	dovecot		Fedora switched
proftpd		vsftpd		Fedora switched
init / upstart	systemd		Fedora switched
ssh1		ssh2		ssh1 has been compromised - disable in /etc/ssh/ssh_conf
MD5		SHA1		The MD5 hash has some collisions
SHA1		SHA2		SHA1 has some collisions
DES		AES		DES is getting hackable
WEP		WPA2		(for wireless security) WEP was hacked
make		jam		Make is too labour-intensive
localtime()	localtime_r()	localtime() isn't thread safe