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Date: 2017oct15
OS: Linux
Keywords: console, curses, ncurses

Q.  Short list of Linux TUI (Text User Interface) applications.


top /  htop
System use monitors

dnf install top htop
Run with:
top htop
htop has color by default gtop ---- https://github.com/aksakalli/gtop gping ----- https://github.com/orf/gping Glances ------- Does a bit more than top / htop NetworkManager -------------- Install:
dnf install NetworkManager-tui
Run with
Watch ----- Re-run a command every 10 seconds full screen eg
watch date watch ps axf watch vmstat
Editors ------- vim / emacs / nano GUI Screen ---------- A window manager Finch ----- Instant messenger like Pidgin Web Browsers ------------ Lynx / w3m Mail Clients ------------ pine / mutt Ask a question -------------- The dialog command can be used popup a box to ask the user a question. ncurses is the best known library. More info https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Text-based_user_interface

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