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Date: 2007Feb14
Warning: old news

Q.  Please explain daylight savings?

A.  In 2005, the US changed their rules (effective 2007) for daylight savings to

DST Start: Second Sunday in March (from first Sunday in April)
DST End: First Sunday in November (from last Sunday in October)

This was enacted in the US due to a changed Energy Policy. Canada for obvious
business and financial reasons has followed suit.


Here are the official patches from Microsoft:

I would think any PC that is getting automatic updates would already be fine.

A "helpful" friend told me to get a program called TZMOVE.EXE.
Some reading shows that's only for Microsoft Outlook and *not* the OS.

You might want to try the patch on each OS (including each service pack level)
you have in the field.  Then temporarily set the date to March 12 (the day after
the time change) and see if its in DST.  To make sure the patch fixes that
OS/service pack.

For Linux boxes you want to update the tzdata package
If you aren't getting automatic updates.

... but think of the huge energy savings!