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Date: 2008apr13

Q.  Is there a way to upgrade Fedora without burning a DVD-ROM (or CD-ROM)?

A.  Yes, I have done several upgrades without burning any media.
I did them an unofficial way, but now there is an official way.

I have not tried it yet but as explained here:

You install and run a package called preupgrade.  Then reboot.
And you are done!

Apparently this is how its done:

- Install preupgrade (yum install preupgrade) - Run preupgrade GUI (preupgrade-gtk.py) - Confirm that the next Fedora appears in list of available versions
* May require a commandline flag to show non-final releases to test with Beta
- Choose 'Apply' - Confirm that packages are downloaded - Process should complete with no traceback - Reboot system and choose 'upgrade fedora' from boot menu - System should start installer - configure network, keyboard, etc. * Network is still required for installation! - Choose 'upgrade' - Check anaconda log to confirm that packages are being pulled from on-disk cache - Reboot into installed system
Sweet, should be nice to try.

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