Browse - Computer Tips - OpenVPN client setup on Windows

Date: 2019feb2
OS: Windows

Q.  OpenVPN client setup on Windows

A.  First, setup an OpenVPN server as I describe in another article.

Download and install OpenVPN GUI for windows

Send the key and config files to the Windows box - possibly as a zip.
Unzip and save in c:\users\USER\OpenVPN\config

Launch OpenVPN.
Right-click (hidden in your taskbar) and select "Import File..."
Of course, browse to your client9.ovpn file is and select it.

The app will make a sub folder for it named
and move in client9.ovpn

You are ready to right-click and select Connect
Do that and ensure it works.

There is just one little thing to take care of.
Now when OpenVPN is launched you'll get
"There already exists a config file named "client9.ovpn'.
You cannot have multiple config files with the same name
even if they reside in different folders".

To fix this move client9.ovpn and all key files from
c:\users\USER\OpenVPN\config to