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Date: 2003Mar3
Updated: 2010jan21

Q.  Is there a safe way to try out Linux?

A.  There are several ways to try out Linux without erasing
your harddisk or making a partition.  Here are some:

Download the CD-ROM image and burn.  Then boot with it.
It does NOT write anything on your harddrive.  It detects all your
hardware and launches you into a Linux environment!
When you are done, remove the CD-ROM and boot then you are back
in Windows.  (If you don't want to download and burn you
can order from http://www.linuxcd.org)

For this one your don't even have to burn a CD or reboot!  Just go there
in your web browser.  You have to pay a bit but you get a virtual Linux
desktop in your browser.  Very cool, I think.
There's an article about it here http://www.theregister.com/content/4/29009.html

The OpenCD
Download and burn.  Its not Linux but high quality open source software
for Windows.  Most of the programs are also available for Linux.

Or the regular route...get a major distribution.
I prefer Red Hat http://www.redhat.com
Can be set up to dual boot with Windows.
Windowish distros include Linspire (formerly Lindows), Xandros (formerly Corel),
Lycoris (formerly Redmond Linux).

--- Update ---

Two more ideas for Newbies trying out Linux have come to mind
so I thought I'd share.

Another half-way step is Phat Linux which installs just like
a normal Windows application -- Yes on a FAT partition.
No new partitions or boot changes necessary.  If you have
the diskspace you can try it.
From Windows just doubleclick on an icon
and you Launch Linux.

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