Browse - Computer Tips - Is there a safe way to try out Linux?

Date: 2003Mar3
Updated: 2010jan21

Q.  Is there a safe way to try out Linux?

A.  There are several ways to try out Linux without erasing
your harddisk or making a partition.  Here are some:

Download the CD-ROM image and burn.  Then boot with it.
It does NOT write anything on your harddrive.  It detects all your
hardware and launches you into a Linux environment!
When you are done, remove the CD-ROM and boot then you are back
in Windows.  (If you don't want to download and burn you
can order from

For this one your don't even have to burn a CD or reboot!  Just go there
in your web browser.  You have to pay a bit but you get a virtual Linux
desktop in your browser.  Very cool, I think.
There's an article about it here

The OpenCD
Download and burn.  Its not Linux but high quality open source software
for Windows.  Most of the programs are also available for Linux.

Or the regular route...get a major distribution.
I prefer Red Hat
Can be set up to dual boot with Windows.
Windowish distros include Linspire (formerly Lindows), Xandros (formerly Corel),
Lycoris (formerly Redmond Linux).

--- Update ---

Two more ideas for Newbies trying out Linux have come to mind
so I thought I'd share.

Another half-way step is Phat Linux which installs just like
a normal Windows application -- Yes on a FAT partition.
No new partitions or boot changes necessary.  If you have
the diskspace you can try it.
From Windows just doubleclick on an icon
and you Launch Linux.