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Date: 2008apr15
OS: Linux

Q.  What's an alternate way to see network activity?

A.  Use lsof - which stands for List Open Files.
Sounds weird, huh?  But on Linux/Unix everything is a file -- even
network connections!

Here are some some uses.
All TCP/IP connections:

lsof | grep TCP
All IPv6 connections:
lsof | grep IPv6
lsof -i6
If you don't want any IPv6 running see my tip on disabling it: http://www.davekb.com/search.php?target=disable+IPv6 What's Apache doing:
lsof | grep httpd
(Lists files it has open and network connections - nice) lsof has many options. But I prefer simply grep-ing. If you aren't root some files will be unavailable.

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