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Date: 2008jan19

Q.  What's the best video editor?

A.  I have used five...

Final Cut Pro		Mac only	$1300

Adobe Premiere 		Mac and PC	$ 900

Avid Xpress Pro		Mac and PC	$1600

iMovie			Mac only	included with Mac OS

Windows Movie Maker	Windows only	included with XP and Vista


As you'd expect the free editors are extremely limited.

Final Cut Pro is the best choice if you're using a Mac.

Adobe Premiere integrates nicely with Adobe After Effects (special effects)
and Adobe Photoshop.  There are also cheaper Adobe Premiere Elements
and Express versions.

Avid is used more in professional environments.
You can buy a device called the Avid Mojo ($1300) to accelerate
Avid.  Which makes editing on a laptop practical.

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