Computer Tips - Which Android phone should I buy?

Date: 2011mar3

Q.  Which Android phone should I buy?
And how?

A.  The easiest option is call your provider and ask about upgrading.
Nearly every phone company has Android smartphones.  The cost may be
minimal... especially if you have a data plan.

If you don't have a smartphone and a data plan then you should decide
if you really want to pay for a data plan.  Smartphone can work with
a voice SIM and Wifi.  But, of course, you aren't always connected.

A frugal option is buying an unlocked gently used phone (from Graigslist,
eBay or ) and dropping in your existing SIM chip.

Look at the Android phones you current provider sells and buy one of those
used and it will be sure to work.

I would avoid:

- The X10 mini (this phone doesn't have enough memory)

- Phones that have a software shell (skin) added on top of regular Android

- Android at or before version 1.5

Things that are nice but not essential:

- Unlocked

- Promised future upgrades
(Since you aren't going to have the phone for more than a few years realistically)

Once you have it:

- You need my Wi-Fi Manager
and check out my other apps too