Browse - Programming Tips - How can I cleanly end my Windows program?

Date: 2009may4
Platform: win32
OS: Windows

Q.  How can I cleanly end my Windows program?

A.  There are lots of ways to do it.  The usual way is for the
user to click on [X] to close the main window of your program.

You can simulate this by doing:

If your program is dialog based, this will do nearly the same thing:
EndDialog(IDCANCEL); - simulates clicking on [Cancel]
EndDialog(IDOK); - simulates clicking on [OK]
Less elegantly you can post a quit message:
PostQuitMessage(int nExitCode);
An nExitCode of 0 (zero) means success and non-zero doesn't If you want to rudely end your app use either of these:
TerminateProcess(HANDLE hProcess, int nExitCode);
exit(int nExitCode);