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Date: 2005Jun3
Framework: MFC
Language: C/C++
Keywords: COM, VC6
Warning: This is not about the current version of Visual C++

Q.  How do I use COM in Microsoft Visual C++ 6 ?


To create a COM object

- File > New ... > Projects > MFC ActiveX ControlWizard
  (Do *not* select ATL COM AppWizard)

- Use the wizard to generate the control and compile it.
  You should now have a registered .OCX file!

- Click on bold name of the project in the explorer window
  (typically on the left) and to View > Class Wizard to add methods

To add methods/properties

- View > Class Wizard > Automation > Add Method

- View > Class Wizard > Automation > Add Property

To use a COM object

- Project > Add to project > Components and Controls > Registered ActiveX Controls
  and insert into your project

- You should now have a C++ class that wraps the COM object but you can not
  just use this class any way you want.  You should place the control in
  a dialog (just you would do with an EditBox) and use from there.  If the
  control has no visual use, you can hide it.

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