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Date: 2010jan21
Language: php
Warning: Facebook killed off this API on Jan 7, 2011.

Q.  Can you help me with the Facebook Data API in php?

A.  Facebook documented a beta data access API but didn't update the sample
library.  So I added these functions to my copy of facebookapi_php5_restlib.php

public function data_setUserPreference($pref_id, $value) { return $this->call_method('facebook.data.setUserPreference', array('pref_id' => $pref_id, 'value' => $value)); } public function data_setUserPreferences($values, $replace) { return $this->call_method('facebook.data.setUserPreferences', array('values' => $values, 'replace' => $replace)); } public function data_getUserPreference($pref_id) { return $this->call_method('facebook.data.getUserPreference', array('pref_id' => $pref_id)); } public function data_getUserPreferences() { return $this->call_method('facebook.data.getUserPreferences', array()); }
This doesn't cover the whole data API - just the functions I use.

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