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Date: 2019nov2
Keywords: titlecase

Q.  General title case

A.  I have functions in several languages here that naively
convert a string to title case.  ie first letter of every word

But they don't take into account the many exceptions in English
and other languages.

- Generally in English titles we don't capitalize small words
like "a", "in", "or" etc.  Less than or equal to 2 letters.
==> Its easy to make this rule

- But "I" is capitalized
==> As far as I know "I" is the only exception

- Some longer words are not capitalized - eg "iPhone", "iCal".
==> Make a small list

- Acronyms are always capitalized - eg its "NASA", not "Nasa".
==> If a word is all upper case, assume its an acronym and don't change its case

- Another approach is to check your new case of a word in a
grep NASA /usr/share/dict/words
But, "iPhone" isn't in that file