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Date: 2014dec29
Language: Java

Q.  How do I get the creation date/time of a file?

A.  Starting in Java 7 there is an official way.

import java.io.IOException; import java.nio.file.*; import java.nio.file.attribute.*; // Requires Java7+ long getCreateTime(String filename, long defaultCreateTime) { Path path = Paths.get(filename); try { BasicFileAttributes attr = Files.readAttributes(path, BasicFileAttributes.class); FileTime fileCreated = attr.creationTime(); return fileCreated.toMillis(); } catch(IOException ex) { return defaultCreateTime; } } // Example use long created = getCreateTime("/home/myuser/.bashrc", -1);
Linux/Unix only keeps track of modify, update, access times -- not create time. You'll get the modify time from this function on a *nix box.

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