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Date: 2008jun7
Platform: win32
Language: C/C++
Level: beginner

Q.  How do I ask the user a yes/no question in win32?

A.  Use the MessageBox() function with flag MB_YESNO.  It will popup
a dialog.  If the user clicks on "Yes" you get IDYES back
and it they click on "No" you get IDNO back.  There is a parameter
for the caption where the program name traditionally goes.
So we can make this handy little function:

BOOL YesNo(const HWND hwnd, LPCSTR szQuestion, LPCSTR szProgramName) { return MessageBox(hwnd, szQuestion, szProgramName, MB_YESNO) == IDYES; } void ExampleUse(const HWND hwnd) { if (YesNo(hwnd, "Do you want to delete that file?", "My Program")) { DeleteFile("c:\\temp\\myfile.txt"); } }

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