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Date: 2017jul28
OS: Windows
Product: Microsoft Visual C++
Keywords: MSVC, Visual C++, Studio

Q.  Warning: no message line prompt for ID 0x???? - why?

A.  This is a warning and can be ignored.  But its nicer to fix it.

Convert the hex number in the message to decimal and locate it in resource.h
Lets says its ID_FILE_MY_EVENT.
Then you need to add an entry to the string table in your .rc file - eg:

STRINGTABLE BEGIN ID_FILE_NEW "Create a new document\nNew" ID_FILE_OPEN "Open an existing document\nOpen" ID_FILE_CLOSE "Close the active document\nClose" ID_FILE_SAVE "Save the active document\nSave" ID_FILE_SAVE_AS "Save the active document with a new name\nSave As" ID_FILE_MY_EVENT "My event" <-- Added this END

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