Computer Tips - How do I remove my history from Facebook?

Date: 2010apr24 Product: Facebook Warning: This has probably changed. Q. How do I remove my history from Facebook? A. It would be nice if Facebook provided a simple way to do this but they don't. I have not checked to see if deleting your account deletes your history. Profile ------- Go to your profile. You'll see almost all your activity. You can click on "Remove" for most items however this just removes it from your profile! * It does NOT remove the actual event. * The only way I have found to clean your history is to click thru to to each item and remove it from where you did it. This does remove it from your profile history. eg Your profile history might say:
Mike commented on Sally's status.
Click on "status" to see the status message you commented on then delete your comment. Events ------ Go to events. Click on past events. You'll see a list of all the events your RSVPed to. (Even those you have said you are NOT attending!) Click on each event individually then click on "Remove from my events". Check ----- As a check to make sure you got everything you can change your name to something unique. eg if you are John Smith change to it John Smith444567. Wait a few weeks then Google for your new name. Summary ------- Yes, this is very tedious. Some tips: - You might want to do this once a month so then its not too much work. - Facebook is faster in the North American early morning. - Don't post or comment on stuff on people's walls since its hard to find later to delete. - Alternately, you could delete your account and re-friend everyone. In my option, it would be great if Facebook (and other social networking sites) had an option to have all your history automatically removed after a certain number of days.