Computer Tips - Are there any alternatives to Dropbox?

Date: 2012dec19 Keywords: self-hosted Q. Are there any alternatives to Dropbox? A. Some people call it Cloud Storage. With Dropbox, you get 2GB for free or 50GB for $10 a month. It has clients for all platforms. You place a file in a folder on one device and it shows up in the same folder on another device - that's the magic. There are lots of choices: Microsoft Live Mesh
- You get 5GB for free (which is more than Dropbox) - In my testing, it slowed down the computer - Windows only
- Cheaper than Dropbox You get 5GB for free and the other other prices are better too. - Can you select which folders to sync (Dropbox only does one).
But this makes it a bit confusing.
- Every platform - In my testing, it worked OK on Windows but was a bit heavy on Android.
- Uses your own Amazon (or Rackspace) S3 account. Which means 15 cents per GB. - They charge $2/month for the using the program. - Desktop platforms only. So looks you'll need something else for mobile.
- Looks to be the leading open source competitor - You can run it on your own server - with huge disk - Included as a regular package in Linux distros
- Open source - Written in C# so requires Mono on Linux - They have plans for all platforms but only Linux and Mac now - Uses git as a backend which is bad for binary files. But backends are plugable so that may change.
- You don't have to pay for a server if you already have one - Your existing webhost may already do ftp. - Windows only - I like that it uses open protocols - In my testing, it didn't work every well. I assume it will improve.
- An old classic. - Not easy to setup. - Sync is one way - You can use it with but that's not cheap - This is what I use for backup.
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