Computer Tips - How can I make uploads to my ftp site faster?

Date: 2009oct1 Q. How can I make uploads to my ftp site faster? A. Plug In If you are using a laptop with WiFi to your router/modem, plug in an Ethernet cable for a wired connection. Concurrent FileZilla Use FileZilla for doing the uploads.
Enable multiple concurrent transfers. Go to: Edit > Settings > Transfers and set Maximum simultaneous transfers to 3
Faster Ftp Host Switch to a faster ftp host. Closer is often faster. While retaining your existing service, buy a month's service to a different ftp hosting company and time some uploads. Better time user's downloads too. Faster Connection Get a faster connection from your ISP. If you have ADSL you should know that the upload speed is not the same as the download speed. So pay attention to the upload (sending a file to your ftp site) speed that is quoted. Test your new connection. If its not faster don't waste the money. Bridge If you have Windows you can easily "bridge" multiple Internet connections. (This can be done with other OSes but not quite so easily.) This means it pays to have multiple connections. If money isn't a problem you can order a second connection from the ADSL, cable, WiMax provider in your area (which ever you don't yet have). Or cheaper, you can obtain permission from your neighbor to use his WiFi connection and use it. If you have a desktop that doesn't have WiFi you can buy an inexpensive USB WiFi device (eg