Computer Tips - Fedora 29: VNC (no luck)

Date: 2019jan13 Distro: Fedora 29 Q. Fedora 29: VNC (no luck) A. I was not able to get VNC working on Fedora 29. 1. I tried enabling "Screen Sharing" in Gnome Settings. But when I attempted to set a password, a black dialog asked me for the "password I use to login to this computer". That's fine, good to have that security. But when I entered that password it said it was wrong - tried many times. I also tried the root password. So the only alternative was to use the setting when the desktop users is asked if the remote user is allowed to access the desktop. This worked (which is cool) but its no use to me since the whole point is that I want to access the desktop remotely without being there (locally) to OK access. 2. I tried TigerVNC Server. There are tutorials around for this. It came really close! I was able to remotely login from Windows and another Fedora. Using `gome-session` in `xstart` I saw the gnome desktop, and was able to go into "Applications". But every app I launched appeared to be starting but no window appeared. With `mate-session`, I only saw black. So its plain old ssh access for now. I understand the move to Wayland may have broken things.