Computer Tips - Microsoft Word: use other cells in formulas

Date: 2014jul28 Product: Microsoft Word Q. Microsoft Word: use other cells in formulas A. There may be other ways to use Word like a spreadsheet but this is how I do it. - Bookmark any value you want to use later in a calculation. Select it. Then do Insert > Bookmark and pick a reasonable name Do not pick name that looks like a cell - eg B7. You'll be fine if you only use letters - eg mybookmark - If you just want another copy of the bookmarked value do: Insert Reference > Cross Reference > Bookmark and select the bookmark - To use the bookmarked value in a calculation do: Insert > Field > Formula and enter a formula for example: = mybookmark * 8 Unlike a spreadsheet values don't automatically change when their source does. Right click and select Update Field. Or select all with Ctrl-A and press F9.