Computer Tips - How can I make a .PNG or .ZIP file smaller?

Date: 2018mar1 OS: Linux, Windows Keywords: shrink, save space, compress Q. How can I make a .PNG or .ZIP file smaller? A. Advancecomp is made for just this. A good way to use it for zip files:
advzip -z -k -4 *.zip
-z = recompress the specified archives -k = keep the zip time -4 = best compression For png files:
advpng -z -4 *.png
To install on RedHat/Fedora/CentOS:
dnf install advancecomp
There is also pngcrush In some cases pngnq might help. In Photoshop you can use "Save For Web". Uncheck [_] Transparency if you don't need it extra savings.