Computer Tips - systemctl: cheatsheet (some common commands)

Date: 2011nov8 Updated: 2020apr28 OS: Linux Distro: RedHat/Fedora/CentOS Keywords: systemd Q. systemctl: cheatsheet (some common commands) A. We used to use chkconfig but the new way is systemctl. Is a service set to start at boot?
systemctl is-enabled <SERVICE>.service
for example:
systemctl is-enabled postgresql.service
Make a service start at boot:
systemctl enable <SERVICE>.service
for example:
systemctl enable postgresql.service
Make a service NOT start at boot:
systemctl disable <SERVICE>.service
for example:
systemctl disable postgresql.service
List failed units:
systemctl list-units --state=failed
Show all it knows:
for example, is syslog running:
systemctl | grep syslog