Computer Tips - Why should I use Jabber / XMPP?

Date: 2007oct16 Product: Jabber / XMPP Q. Why should I use Jabber / XMPP? A. Jabber is an instant messaging system. Jabber has many benefits over MSN and other IM networks: * Open/published/sane protocol (hey, its XML) * Protocol is an IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) standard * No single owner * Many clients and servers means no lock-in * Since its open, programmers have and can build add-ons * Group chat, user directory are installed and working. Other cool features available. * Each company can run a server -- like email * Each company's servers can talk -- like email * No advertising banners * No spam messages * Less chance of eavesdropping (SSL to server and end-to-end PGP available) * No logging of messages... guaranteed * When you are in your company's office the server is very close -- not in Redmond, WA -- fast! * Only a few users on your server so you don't have to be joe3455. Pick any id you want. * Virus free. (Unlike MSN) * You know its the right thing to do There is a Jabber server <--> Microsoft Network (MSN) gateway but it is not presently installed here. If you want to chat with people on MSN and Jabber please try a multi-protocol client.