Travel - Google Account: login from abroad with no phone (gmail, etc)

Date: 2024feb2 Q. Google Account: login from abroad with no phone (gmail, etc) A. Lets say you were robbed of all your electronics abroad: your phone / laptop/ tablet were taken. If you wanted to login to your gmail from an internet cafe (if they still exist) or from a new phone... how could you? If you remembered your password, gmail would ask for some secondary verification. It might want to send a SMS or try another way. Probably none of them would work in your situation. But there is a way - backup codes! Before you travel, download your backup codes and save them in a safe place (that isn't on in the google-sphere). Like: - Print them out and keep with your passport - Print them out and give it to a travel companion - Give them to a trusted person at home - Save them on your VPS (virtual private server) - etc You might want to save your regular gmail password with those codes too. Now, when you login into gmail from an internet cafe in Marrakesh you can use a backup code as your secondary authentication. That will get you into Google Drive, Google Calendar too of course. By the way, it would be a good idea to login from an Incognito session at the internet cafe. Where you get your backup codes Stock image of a Marrakesh internet cafe