Travel - What's on your travel laptop

Date: 2020jul28 Q. What's on your travel laptop A. I have a cheap laptop that I use when travelling overseas. I bought the cheapest refurbished Windows laptop at my local computer store for about $200. I then made it look cheaper by added some duct tape. A friend called it my "traveltop". The travel-related software I have on it: - SIP client - (I currently don't have one I like) - Backblaze B2 bucket client - GoodSync - Encrypted filetrees - Veracrypt - Word Processor - LibreOffice - Anti theft tracker - Prey - Password manager - Password Safe - Terminal program - Putty - VPN - OpenVPN (connects to my home server) - Photo editor - Gimp - Music player - Clementine With the SIP client (and a SIP account) I can make free international calls. Headphone with a microphone helps. I also have a SIP client on my phone. Twinkle worked on Linux. I used to use MicroSIP. I use Backblaze B2 for cloud backup. Its very low cost. Goodsync cost about $40 one time. When crossing borders and in case of theft its nice to keep your files encrypted. I use Vercrypt (formerly Truecrypt). I like to write a journal and LibreOffice Writer is perfectly fine. Prey keeps track of where the computer is in case of theft. I can login to my home Linux server with putty A password manager keeps your passwords encrypted in case of theft. I use it at home too. A VPN can be nice if if you're on an untrusty networks or if you want to appear as if you are still in your home country for a credit card purchase. Gimp is a full featured and free photo editor. I have a bunch of music on disk that I can play without wi-fi. I've been contributing to the Clementine music player so of course I recommend it.