Travel - Very basic Spanish for Mexico / Latin America

Date: 2019feb22 Keywords: Latin America, Latinoamérica, Cheatsheet Q. Very basic Spanish for Mexico / Latin America A. GENERAL Hi = Hola Good day (morning) = Buenos dias Good afternoon = Buenas tarde Good evening / night = Buenas noches - Or you can just say "buenas" any time Please = Por favor Thank you = Gracias I don't have (eg money) = No hay I'm sorry (if you bump into someone) = Lo siento Yes = Sí No = No Bye = Adiós SHOPPING How much? (does it cost) = ¿Cuánto es? Expensive = Caro DINING Excuse me (to a waiter) = Disculpe The bill, please = La cuenta, por favor Where is the washroom? = ¿Donde esta el baño? DRINK Water = Agua Sparkling water = Agua con gas Mineral / still water = Agua mineral Water from big delivered container = Agua de Garrafón (usually free in a restuarant) Coffee = Café Milk = Leche Coffee with milk = Café con leche Juice = Jugo Beer = Cerveza Red wine = Vino tinto White wine = Vino blanco Pop / Soda = Refresco Coke (the canned drink) = pronounced "Coke-ah" FOOD Meat = Carne Fried Meat = Carne Asada Fish = Pescado Chicken = Pollo Sandwich = Torta TRAVEL Ticket = Boleto / Entrada Airport = Aeropuerto Passport = Pasaporte Taxi = Taxi Hotel = Hotel I have a reservation = Hay una reserva Bus = Autobús Bus Station = Estación de autobuses Here (to a taxi driver) = Aquí