Programming Tips - How do you install the Arduino IDE on Fedora?

Date: 2009sep11 Distro: Fedora Q. How do you install the Arduino IDE on Fedora? A. The instructions here are fine with the addition of the following: The instructions say you should add the user who is going to use the IDE to the "uucp" group. Actually on Fedora, you should add the user to the "dialout" group. Because that group owns the /dev/ttyUSB0 device. I installed it in /usr/bin/arduino-0017 but you can put it anywhere. You run file /usr/bin/arduino-0017/arduino to launch the IDE. But I noticed that you have to be that folder for it to work. So I made a small script in /usr/bin/arduino-0017/start_arduino which simply does:
#!/bin/sh cd `dirname $0` exec ./arduino
And make it executable:
chmod a+x /usr/bin/arduino-0017/start_arduino
Also its nice (but not necessary) to have access to the IDE from a menu. To make that happen just create /usr/share/applications/arduino.desktop which contains:
[Desktop Entry] Name=Arduino IDE Comment=The Arduino User Interface Categories=Development; Icon=/usr/share/pixmaps/x-java.png Exec=/usr/bin/arduino-0017/start_arduino Type=Application Terminal=false