Programming Tips - Bootstrap 3 to 4

Date: 2018jun15 Q. Bootstrap 3 to 4 A. Here are some things I have run into - Requires Popper - nav bar syntax - Use fontawesome instead of glyphicon - More classes required for tabs - Change .img-responsive to .img-fluid - Change .img-rounded to .rounded - Change .hidden to .d-none - Change .fade .in to .fade .show - Change .col-xs-N to .col-N So this is what the top of my html looks like
<link href='css/bootstrap.css' type='text/css' rel='stylesheet'/> <link href='css/fontawesome-all.css' type='text/css' rel='stylesheet'/> <script src='js/jquery.min.js'></script> <script src='js/bootstrap.bundle.js'></script> <script src='js/popper.min.js'></script>
You need to download Bootstrap, Fontawesome, jQuery, Popper from different websites.