Programming Tips - What has changed in Windows Vista?

Date: 2009oct13 OS: Windows Vista Q. What has changed in Windows Vista? A. Here are some changes I have noticed: - Of course, there is the new "Aero" theme (look). You need to change your old programs to use it. - A combo box with CBS_DROPDOWNLIST looks more like a button than a combo box and this may confuse users. Short term solution: turn off Aero for those controls. Long term solution: use the new split button (but this isn't backwards compatible) - Globally shared memory needs to start with "Global\" - Controls are not sent a WM_UPDATEUISTATE message when they start. Changes in Visual Studio 2005: - Compiler is more strict about signs, const, etc - time_t is now 64 bits. - AfxGetMainWnd() doesn't work - CWinApp::m_nDisablePumpCount is gone