Programming Tips - jQuery: capture the output from a form

Date: 2010sep29 Language: javaScript Q. jQuery: capture the output from a <form> A. This is tricky. - Override the form's submit to do your own custom processing (including captureing the <form>'s output) - Add buttons to the dialog using the buttons option. Make the OK button fire the <form>'s submit.
function showDialog() { $('#my_form').submit(doSubmit); $('#my_dialog').dialog({ width: '60%', height: 600, title: 'My Form' modal: true, buttons: { 'Cancel': doCancelButton, 'OK': doOkButton,}, close: closeDialog }); } function doSubmit(e) { var url = $(this).attr('action'); var formdata = $(this).serialize(); // Here is the form's data! e.preventDefault(); // Stop the form from doing its usual thing $.post(url, formdata, function(data) { // Do something with the post result }); $('#my_dialog').dialog('close'); } function doOkButton() { $('#my_form').submit(); } function doCancelButton() { $('#my_dialog').dialog('close'); }