Programming Tips - jQuery: when to use prop() vs attr()

Date: 2018jun8 Library: jQuery Language: javaScript Q. jQuery: when to use prop() vs attr() A. In jQuery 1.6+ Use prop() for builtin properties, use attr for everything else. For me prop('checked') and prop('disabled') are the most common builtin properties. Examples:
$('#id').prop('checked', true); $('#id').prop('disabled', true); $('#id').prop('readonly', true); const name = $('#id').prop('name'); // Use prop() for 'name' const id = $('.myclass').attr('id); // Use attr() for 'id'
Here is the full list of builtin properties from
interface HTMLInputElement : HTMLElement { attribute DOMString defaultValue; attribute boolean defaultChecked; readonly attribute HTMLFormElement form; attribute DOMString accept; attribute DOMString accessKey; attribute DOMString align; attribute DOMString alt; attribute boolean checked; attribute boolean disabled; attribute long maxLength; attribute DOMString name; attribute boolean readOnly; // Modified in DOM Level 2: attribute unsigned long size; attribute DOMString src; attribute long tabIndex; // Modified in DOM Level 2: attribute DOMString type; attribute DOMString useMap; attribute DOMString value; void blur(); void focus(); void select(); void click(); };