Programming Tips - How can I use adb over Ethernet?

Date: 2015mar9 Updated: 2016dec11 OS: Android Keywords: LAN, wi-fi Q. How can I use adb over Ethernet? A. First turn on developer mode on the Android device and
[X] Start TCP ADB
On Windows this is how I do it. Before you open Eclipse start a command line (cmd.exe)
cd <your-android-sdk-folder>\sdk\platform-tools adb connect <ip-address-of-your-android-device>
cd e:\Program Files\adt-bundle-windows-x86_64-20130917\sdk\platform-tools adb connect
Looks for messages. Now, when you switch to the DDMS perspective you'll be connected over Ethernet. You can give your android device a static IP address and add it to your hosts file for extra ease.